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Bettongs - Nature's ecological engineers

The working title "Bettongs, Nature's ecological engineers" is WildCAM Australia latest documentary on a story about the least known species of bettongs and their critical population numbers in Australia.

Endangered this life struggling small kangaroo-rat like marsupial mammal is now the subject of our lenses in north Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia.
We will investigate their unrecognised environmental benefits, traits and tribulations.
Bettongs - Nature's ecological engineers
coming 2017

Alberto Vale
Executive Producer Director
WildCAM Australia ®

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These rarely seen and least known small potoroid marsupials are restricted to some areas of mixed open Eucalyptus woodlands, arid lands and Allocasuarina forests bordering different forested areas in Australia.

Solitary and restricted to a nocturnal foraging life. It spends the day in a well concealed nest constructed at the base a tree or within a clump of grass or a hole or tunnel excavated into the ground.

With a very expensive diet of fungal truffles, roots and tubers, bettongs are secretly known as ‘soil engineers’ working in harmony with Australia’s fragile soils that are thin and poor with nutrients in many places.

Their once abundant presence in their thousands helped turn and work the soil over, dig in leaf litter, aerate the soil and allow water to penetrate, and spread seeds.

Find out their, quirkiest traits, their reciprocal environmental benefits and their quality of life as we take you on the journey, Bettongs Nature's ecological engineers.