... GREEN ANTS Friend or Foe?

The Green Aggressor, extremely ferocious and territorial, join the journey into the entwined similarities between our cities and theirs, a quest that will astound and surprise you as we become up close and personal, it is truly amazing as we go far beyond their undesirable behavioural borders.

GREEN ANTS - Friend or Foe? - Released 2013

Alberto Vale
Executive Producer Director
WildCAM Australia ®



35th Telly Awards USA - 2014
2 Bronze Awards- Cinematography & Nature & Wildlife

Participation in FILM FESTIVALS & Award Entries
Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2014


All over the coastal tropics of northern Australia and in S.E. Asia, local armies of 500,000 soldiers, are on stand by. Their overt biological warfare undertakes a destructive control war on invasive insect species and enforces surrender to other species rather than destructive measures.

From the treetops, they use expert chemical communication, skillfully engaging their opponents in fierce battles, inflicting injury and injecting powerful poisons to maintain their dominance.
In their super sized satellite outposts we investigate their rise to power, the wars and submissions.
We look at their unique parallel world and examine how science is using their combative behaviour in better farming and organic production practices.
We travel across northern Australia to Asia, engaging world authorities in Green Tree Ants behaviour on camera, introducing Asian traditions into modern Australian cuisine, bringing to light indigenous customs and correcting misconceptions about these remarkable insect species.

Filmed in HD, Director/Cinematographer Alberto Vale, shoots astounding macro photography of their unseen secret world, from birth to war, and documents where customs dating back to 304 AD are just now undergoing a scientific awakening in Australia.


Blur's Alex James cooks cricket clambake and meringue with green ants in Western Australia