Quolls - Fast and Furious

The Spotted-tailed quoll, the largest surviving carnivorous marsupial mammal currently living in mainland Australia. Endangered with few as 500 individuals possibly known to be only in existence, we investigate their secretive and short life span of three years in their remote and extremely isolated populations amongst the cloud forests of the North Queensland Wet Tropics.
Spotted-tailed quoll, secretive, non gregarious and highly mobile.
QUOLLS - Fast and Furious, before it’s too late ...

Released July 2015 - World Distribution Rights OffTheFence UK


Charles Wooley 60 Minutes

60 Minutes, "Charles Wooley" Narrator for Quolls-Fast & Furious

The natural storyteller that Australians have grown to admire, the unmistakable deep everyday voice of Charles Wooley from 60 Minutes, is now the Narrator for Quolls-Fast and Furious the first factual documentary on Australian Quolls soon to be released for television broadcast worldwide.
Wooley, an advocate for Australian nature says, "his participation is another journalistic gratification to aid the plight of Australian speechless wildlife".
Both the Australian Quoll Conservancy and WildCAM Australia, are delighted that Wooley responded to the voluntary call of "a six degree of separation" for a narrator launched earlier by WildCAM Australia.
(image) Courtesy Richard Jupe http://ow.ly/LjRiF

Alberto Vale & June Vale
Executive Producers
WildCAM Australia ®


WEB SITE www.quolls.org.au and help save these cryptic species.

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A marsupial native cat has stalked the mountain tops of its northern domain for thousands of years.

In the lush tropical rainforests of northern Queensland, the largest surviving marsupial carnivore on mainland Australia has remained isolated and hidden from sight… until now!

The life and habits of this elusive northern subspecies of the spotted-tailed quoll are finally revealed.

Embark on a journey into the personal life of this endangered and long-lost cousin of the Tasmanian tiger. Be immersed in up-close and vivid experiences with this stealthy predator of the mountain forests.